Artist Statement

“Each artist hopes he or she is creating artwork that can show the viewer something never seen before or at least evoke a reaction.  I try to accomplish this through painting with paper.  I am a collage artist.  Some papers may be found but most of my ‘paint’ I make myself.  Using very thin tissue paper tinted and textured with a limited pallet, I can layer both transparent and opaque papers on stretched canvas or board.  Works can follow a particular photo reference or more often then not the work is representational allowing the viewer to relate to the recognizable images in the design.  Lots of strong colour, shape, and contrast.

 I have to get my hands into it.  I don’t know why.  I remember at a young age cutting out shapes of trees, flowers, cars, people, buildings and streets and using my mother’s sewing pins layering and creating ‘scenes’ on the painted wall above my bed.  Fifty years later, I find I’m still drawing, cutting and layering shapes.

 Soft pastels are an attraction for me as well.  The pigment is at my fingertips.  The paintbrush does not get in the way.  I love touching the immediate colour available and see the vibration created on paper when the colours are placed side by side.  The Alberta skies can be so vibrantly portrayed with pastels and I never tire of it.

 My most recent works have evolved into digital compositions.  I am currently working on digital landscapes and still life abstracts.  I love the flexibility the computer gives me to layer and alter my original photographs.

 What does this signify or mean to me?  Creating art means I’m being productive.  That’s a positive thing.  I’m not stagnate or stationary.  Can there really be a better therapy in life then participating in one of the arts?  Joy comes to mind as well as peace.  Certainly when I’m in the ‘zone’ then praise becomes an active participant.  Illness and depression does not linger here.  And what a bonus it is if joy is shared by the viewer.”

Lorene Runham

Lorene Runham's website for her artwork.